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Wadcon Automation


Wadcon designs, makes and installs production automation solutions, assembly systems, testing equipment and automated material handling for production environments. Wadcon is your partner that that keeps an eye on your requirements and goals and ensures you are involved with the development.

Our solutions

Material Handling Automation:

Material handling is the core of production automation for any physical production process. Material are taken from process to process and then on to the customer. Automating material handling is what we know and we have developed a number of standard solutions that are widely applicable. We would be happy to handle your materials for you!

What can Wadcon do for you

Wadcon engineers are experts in building production machinery to custom order and have a proven experience in controls, material handling, robotics and make use of a wide network of technical experts to meet your needs.

Why Wadcon

  • Clear communication in design goals and pricing
  •  Innovative problem solving
  • Turn key solutions
  • Large installed base to build on in a wide range of industries Strong and well established base proposing solutions to a wide range of industries
  • Consumer electronics, optical specialties, automotive, energy transition, automation building
  • Experience (experts) in robotics and cobots, tooling, servo drives, PLC’s and code free programming
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Contact us!

Should you have any questions or enquiries on how Wadcon could improve your industrial processes, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we shall revert fast.



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