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Movit Cases

Production line for high tech product.


This system carries many of the features available on a movit system including a handshake connection to several production steps and sideshift functions to move the products off the line to a special (and proprietary thus undefined) manufacturing step. Due to the high tech nature of the product we cannot share more about it.


Lift and side shift unit:
This unit will lift the carrier off the production track and side shift it for a production step.



Automotive production line with a sealant application robot. This line was built for assembly of generic sky roof systems for cars. It features automatic application of sealant with a linear robot and under controlled conditions, production data gathering, and end of line inspection. The supply of parts is (not shown) is by gravity tracks at right angles to the Movit line. The track has built in lighting for the assembly positions. The rear line is for returning the carries to the line start. This line is built with the heavy duty track allowing a large 580mmx 850 mm product carrier and loads over 50 kg per carrier.



Movit integrated with a robot cell: Layout of an integrated production cell. Central to this solution is an industrial robot that handles the bending of parts. The robot will make one production step and release the product for manual assembly of the internals. This requires two assembly operators to be able to work independently before offering the assembled part for the second robot step. To ensure full productivity the assembly track is equipped with two offline assembly locations and a buffer. The system may be connected to a further Movit production line for more manufacturing steps. This will allow one piece flow production.


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