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Wadcon Intuitive© control module.

A single PLC control runs the Movit system which runs and communicates with the system through I/O links. This drastically reduces the amount of wires required, increasing both reliability and flexibility.

The Intuitive control will support any changes you make to the system your changes to the system by reprogramming the PLC for you. All production process modules will be added or dropped as stand-alone sub-program entities that have an I/O link and RFID reader. aansturingWe will assist you with the these stand-alone program entities as much as you require.

RFID technology adds industry 4.0 intelligence for high mix production.

wadcon intuitive control module


Elke module heeft zijn eigen signaal eenheid (O/I Link) , frequentie regeling en aandrijving. Het I/O link system zorgt voor een minimum aan bedrading tussen modules onderling en de PLC besturing.

Een aanpassing of uitbreiding van het systeem kan probleemloos worden gekoppeld aan de besturing, en vervolgens de nieuwe besturing worden in-geleerd.

Wadcon Intuitive control

The Intuitive system aims to empower the shop floor , giving them the option of controlling and managing the system themselves rather than our technician. We used HTML technology to build a configuration system with modules that are available for you. Based on these you can configure a system as required and after testing that the system meets your requirements you can use the edit button to re-program the system for your new configuration.

drag drop

The simplicity of this system is unique and it supports trouble shooting using submenus in a number of levels to find the cause. You control the system, it does not control you.

Codeless programming of the Intuitive transfer system:

Drag and drop system components from the parts available and configure the system you need: You start with track elements and the product carriers and build on with signals, start and stop elements and process start and stop buttons. Boolean logic supports the system set up.

fouten aangeven
Errors in the configuration are shown in yellow, such as a wrong connection placement of the track.
actions stopper
Action required from a sensor or stopper is defined.
Sensors are configured with the actions they should trigger.

When the system is configured to your needs, you use the Edit System button to convert the results to a PLC program for the system.

edit systeem
Edit system.

foutcode onderstueningFault code support: When you have a fault in your system or a certain process element is not working the system will support you with a location and a drop down menu to find the nature of the problem.

In the case that a process element is not working correctly you can reprogram the system to skip the process element and replace this with a manual or other alternative. This means production can continue as soon as possible.

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