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Pick-to-light assembly- and orderpicking table

This pick to light system is designed to work together with a ITEM assembly table that can be customised to your specification. It can work as a stand alone unit or it can be integrated with your production control software via a CSV file.

The control system is added tot the mechanical table so that order pickers or assembly workers are supported by digital information to help them in their work.

The support functions are:
Pick-to-light assembly and order pick table | Movit Wadcon
•    Digital information per product channel showing which channel the product should be picked from.
•    How many pieces should be picked from the channel
•    Channel check function that checks whether pieces are being picked from the right channel. An alarm will indicate that the operator has approached the wrong channel.
•    Number of order lines with the same pick pattern
•    Input via CSV file direct from your WMS or ERP systems.
•    Stand-alone programming option
•    Touch screen control with order information.
•    Standard 8 channel system, extra channels available.


•    Screen with assembly information and instructions from the ERP system that supports the assembly process.
•    Weighing scale that will weigh the total order line against the expected correct weight as final check.
•    Integration with a Movit transfer system to export the finished product to the next stage of assembly or to the packing unit.
•    Remote service modem.
•    Label printer
•    Integration with box closing and taping machine
•    Production data feedback
•    Quality gate: the gate opens only when an approved picking sequence is completed.


Integrated weighing system

Integrated weighing station Pick to Light

Control with red/green light

Lightsignal control

Detail Pick to Light indicator and scanner

Indicator and scanner

Unit with integrated label printer and weighing station.

Unit with integrated label printer and weighing station



•    For each channel an order count is displayed. Each pick will be counted and confirmed
Machine display •    Picking too many or from a wrong channel will give an error signal
•    When the pick is complete a green light will confirm this.
•    If an error is made the required correction is shown in the display such as: ‘picking error’ and a negative number in the channel display.

WerktafelThe pick to light table can be integrated in a Movit production system.

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