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Production machines

Production machines: Industrial fabrication of special parts requires individual custom solutions that are not always readily available. Our engineers are ready to help you with an efficient custom solution to help you with your production automation.

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Rolling machine
Rolling machine

Wadcon has developed and built a compact rolling machine for a manufacturer of clamping strips, enabling the production of stainless steel strips at a set length. (dimension range: width up to 40 mm and material thickness up to 3mm).

A strip to size is fed into the machine which will automatically roll the steel to a round ring.
Producing the rings in small quantities without excess length was a challenge for both safety and roundness of the end product. The radius can be adjusted using a simple manual control knob. Safety is ensured by enclosing the process and placing a light screen..

compacte walsmachine

compacte walsmachine   compacte walsmachine   compacte walsmachine

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