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Movit is a modular intelligent transfer system for production in a high mix, medium volume environment. This system will support any discrete production process, is unique in its modular setup as well as intuitive in use, and will provide a fast response to changes and challenges. Its real power is the intuitive drag and drop control system that automatically reprograms the PLC controller when changes are made to your system. Each Movit transfer module is a separate entity with its own Drive, I/O link and connects to the system with only two connectors. Use it like Lego to accommodate your production purpose and ensure continuity in the face of any challenge.


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Movit uses proven drive components for the physical transfer modules from workstation to workstation and RFID tags add intelligence to the system allowing a high mix production setup. intuitive control ensures you manage the system rather than it managing you. The total package allows a step-by-step approach to production automation while you stay in control at all times. At a certain point you can, for example, replace a manual measuring and validation station with a scanning system on a test basis and decide how it works for you before you adopt it permanently. As long as the automation component carries an I/O link and an RFID reader and can function independently we should have no trouble incorporating it in the system. Any physical changes to the transfer modules are easy to carry out and will be supported by us should you require.

We developed Movit for a number of our customers as a result of their requirements for flexible and easy to use systems. Our many years of experience in production machinery supports the choices we made.

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System components:

Drive module : standard industrial production tracks with proven drives , motors and motor controls.

Product bearer: Standard weights in a number of weight classes up to 250 kg.  


The Movit drive and control unit includes a its own motor, a drive, a frequency controller, and an I/O link to connect to the main control unit. This makes the unit fully modular with only two connectors linking it to the next: one for power and one I/O link for control.
modulaire bouw
Modulare system: this example uses 5 standard units.
Modules for signaling, start, stop, soft stop, turning and holding are assembled as part of the delivery. Any extension or adaption is easily accommodated with minimal extra wiring and with our assistance should you need it. Adaptions such as placing new signal units can easily be done you but if you wish we can assist you in this. The signals are all I/O link supported eliminating the wiring required.


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