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ToolIt Cobot and Robot tooling

This tooling is designed for robot and cobot application with attention to light weight and high redundancy, to conform to ISO 20218-I 2016


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Magnet tooling
Magnet tooling

Weight: we use a light composite aluminium frame to form a stiff and strong backbone for the tooling. We have three standard frame sizes with each multiple positions for powerful bi-stable lifting magnets.

Diameter: Weight:
3M 250 mm3,4 kg
3M 350 mm3,5 kg
3M 500 mm3,6 kg

The magnet tooling has three independent bi-stable pneumatic magnets that are controlled by a single bi-stable 5/2 control valve. A magnet engaged to hold a load will keep its full power in case of a power loss.

The holding power of the magnets depends on material characteristics, thickness structure and the surface. Each magnet, set directly onto a clean magnetic (mild steel or equivalent) surface of minimum 2mmm thickness will hold 530N load. An open structure, coating or dirt or magnetic properties will influence the load holding. In case of doubt please consult Wadcon Automation or send us a sample of the payload for testing.


Custom frame sizes: The magnets are positioned in a triangle on the frame. In the case that a custom frame size of layout is required any custom frame size up to 600 mm diameter is possible at a fixed surcharge.

Especially for round products like shafts or cylinders we have a special tooling that can hold round objects up to 120 mm and flat objects as well with a weight up to 30 kg . The tooling has a weight of 2 kg . This set up would be a good choice for a machine tending application. In situations where the operator is working in the same area a double magnet setup (type 2 RM) would be advised to increase redundancy:

Weight with one magnet type 1RM: 2 kg

Weight with two magnets type 2RM: 4,5 kg


Pneumatic control pack 4 points box tooling:

  • 1 x Bi-stable air valve 5/2 3mm on the tooling.
  • 2 m air feed 6mm.

Special Tooling


Our tooling is designed for purpose rather than multi-purpose. We believe tooling should be fit for purpose and we designed this tooling for CAD-CAM manufacture. We can easily adapt our design to suit your purpose and manufacture a competitive tooling to fit your specific requirement. For special applications we can design tooling to suit your needs for any robot application up to 500 kg payload. With over thirty years' experience in industrial handling we have a large library of proven solutions.

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