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Although assembly of parts and products is becoming increasingly mechanized and automated. automation for high mix with low to medium volume remains a challenge from an economic point of view. Mixing techniques in mechanization and automation and using the latest smart/ industry 4.0  technology, and especially our unique Movit intelligent transfer lines, Wadcon can provide you with a good solution for the automation of your process.

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Automatic drilling machine
Automatic drilling machine

This Wadcon designed and built drilling machine is used to modify a brake cylinder. The cylinder is detected and positioned correctly for the drilling operation to begin. To ensure that no metal cuttings could damage the brake cylinder, these are suctioned off and the unit is checked for correct tolerances before fitting a pin into the drilled hole. When the pin is fixed an automatic screwdriver adjusts the brake cylinder. As it is a product destined to the automotive sector, the production validation data is saved in the PLC.

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