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Assembly lines and tools

Although assembly of parts and products is becoming increasingly mechanized and automated. automation for high mix with low to medium volume remains a challenge from an economic point of view. Mixing techniques in mechanization and automation and using the latest smart/ industry 4.0  technology, and especially our unique Movit intelligent transfer lines, Wadcon can provide you with a good solution for the automation of your process.

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Montage sealstrip
Montage sealstrip

This machine is designed to assemble a sealing strip on an automotive cooling unit. This entails a high quality to 6 sigma statistical standard and a reliable process. The sealing strip is placed on the cooler element and mechanically fastened by bending the seal around the cooler. After loading the parts, the sensors check that all is placed correctly, subsequently the table turns in a 180 degree angle to the press to make the connection.

Using a two-handed control, a light screen and a window enclosure, the safety of the operator is ensured.

Montage sealstrip 2

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