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Overhead Robot with high reach, high stability and simple programming.

The LIFTIT VLR Is a versatile material handling robot for automation of 24/7 machine tending, stock handling and logistic support. Any hard to handle goods: from boxes to rolls can be picked up with our range of tools; This machine supports assembly , loading and unloading of machines, order picking and outbound assembly. The VLR is very versatile and unique in its range, modular build and payload capacity from 250 kg up to and over 1000 kg.

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Handling and loading robot for machine tending
Handling and loading robot for machine tending

Wadcon has developed in cooperation with its sister company Habeload, material handling robots for industrial handling application. The lower precision in comparison to an industrial process robot is offset in competitive pricing and huge reach. This application shows a fully automated system that serves a stock of rolls of material for production that are automatically offered and loaded to a series of 26 production machines.

The robot has a reach of 18 m x 8 m and a payload of 250 kg. A later version includes a separate tool to remove empty rolls. The unwinder loaded by the robot starts the production process. . The continuous robot service of the machine allows a 24/7 production. As soon as an unwinder is running low, the system receives a signal to select, pick up and prepare a fresh roll from the stock ready to fit to the unwinder. A vision system supports accurate pairing of the robot tooling to the unwinder shaft. A 90-degree roll handling tool assures the roll to be loaded with its shaft vertical from the stock and turned to a horizontal position for the unwinder.

The association of this type of machine with a automated stock would be a typical application for this robot series. Solutions are available for 250, 500 and 1000 kg payload.

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