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Movit Datagestuurd Transfersystem

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Movit data controlled transfer system

The Movit data controlled transfer system is designed as a modular system allowing a flexible approach to production automation. Each module has its own controllers, I/O link and drives so that it can be connected with only two connectors. The whole system of modules is designed to fit and work together. The system software can be (re)programmed to suit the configuration of modules without requiring knowledge of PLC code. RFID or QR-code based intelligence for individual product recognition is available as required. It is the most user-friendly system for a high mix- medium volume production line available on the market today.

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This is an example of a Movit system as applied for the production of a product that is central to the energy transition. Confidentiality does not allow Wadcon to disclose more information about the system other than the example below. The system is running smoothly since summer 2019.  


Voorbeeld van de layout:

  1. 1. Empty mould
  2. 2. Preparing the mould
  3. 3. Fitting the upper mould
  4. 4. Filling the mould
  5. 5. Curing oven lift
  6. 6. Cooling track
  7. 7. Curing oven exit
  8. 8. Press loading shuttle
  9. 9. Press
  10. 10. Manual release and inspection
  11. 11. Buffering to station 1

In this example we could also decide to automate the inspection for example, by inserting and configuring a 3D measuring camera.


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